About Us

We at Empower Talent Group, connect job seekers with our companies within the United States.

Empower Talent Group is a full-service staffing company with a focus in the areas of Sales, Finance, Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Legal and more.

We work with clients  to provide that perfect match between job seeker and employer.

Who Are We?

Our Mission

An integrated system to bring together the right candidates with high skills that are tested and certified with official companies that already have high service hours.

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Why you should choose us

By partnering with us, employers gain access to a diverse talent pool that encompasses a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

We collaborate closely with organizations to understand their unique hiring needs, company culture, and diversity goals.



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We go beyond just matching job seekers with employers. We offer personalized support throughout the entire recruitment process



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We are here to facilitate meaningful connections that result in long-term career satisfaction for both candidates and employers.